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Thread: Need help -1949 jeepster

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    Tommy P. Thinking more about the original problem you requested help on. I think all the basics have been covered by the real experts. My only additional thought is if your father cleaned and sealed the tank and maybe even the fuel lines, it is possible that you are not getting enough fuel to the carburetor. The starter motor on these old girls does not turn the engine over very fast and the fuel pump may not be doing its job. I had a similar problem with one of mine after I redid the fuel system. You might try and pour a little gas or starter fluid into the carburetor and see if that does not get it to turn over enough for the fuel pump to completely fill and supply the carburetor with the correct amount of fuel? Just a thought. Thanks and good luck.

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    Tommy, what are you getting out of it? Is it firing at all?

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    Turns over but wil not run

    Quote Originally Posted by bmorgil View Post
    Tommy, what are you getting out of it? Is it firing at all?
    We have not been able to do much right now. To many things going. But it is wanting to get running when we engage the starter. The fuel is getting to the bowl. It just will not kick off. When are going to make sure breaks work and the clutch works and try to pull/push it to see if that works.

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