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Thread: Air Force M38A1

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    Air Force M38A1

    I have been a Jeep enthusiast for the past 40 years ! It all started when I purchased my 1981 Jeep CJ5 Renegade as a young Airmen at Luke AFB AZ. and I have been buying Jeeps ever since! Upon my retirement from the US Air Force I was in need of something to keep myself busy in retirement and to wrench /tinker on. So being interested in Jeeps and military history it was only natural that I get myself a military Jeep. The Jeep that I have decided on was a Air Force Strata Blue M38A1 that would reflect my branch of service. I am hoping to gain knowledge and insight from all here in this forum. 🇺🇸😃

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    Welcome JeeperCreepers! An Air Force M38A1 would be very nice. The Air Force theme looked great.

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    Welcome, Happy 4th of July weekend. Thank you for your service. You have this Jeep, or you think you have it, or you'll have it soon? This oughta be fun to watch! If you are still in search mode feel free to share candidates. Pictures!

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    I have it! I’ll post photos

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    Thanks for the welcome !

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    I can’t figure out how to post photos, I tried several times but nothing uploads��

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    WOW! Two beautiful new Jeeps on the same day!

    This is a lucky day.

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    Post a photo

    Take the photo with a camera, phone or whatever.

    Working from a computer is easiest. Download the photo to your computer.

    When you post a message, go down to the bottom of the box and click "Go Advanced"

    A different box will open - it wil ask you for a title - just make one that suits you.

    Roll down the page and look for "Manage Attachments"; click it.

    Go to your computer and choose the file you want to upload.

    Once you choose a file, click "Upload"

    Once it uploads, you will get a window "List of current attachments".

    Now, you can upload more or close the "Go Advanced" window. There is a limit of five attachments for a single post.

    Like this...
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Thanks for the info.....but isn't there a easier way like copy and paste?

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