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Thread: Jeeps for sale.

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    Jeeps for sale.

    Hi thanks for the add.
    I joined so I could pass on some information. I sold off all my old Willys stuff a few years ago when my heath took a downturn. Anyways for anyone in east central Indiana or West central Ohio there will be an up coming auction in Greenville,Ohio at Kirby Lyons auctions. It hasn't been posted yet, but I have seen 7 jeeps in their lot. Haven't been able to see them up close yet, but there are 6 flat fender models including a M38, at least one CJ3A, and one CJ3B and one CJ5 Universal with a factory hardtop. The others I can't be sure of the models at this point. It's a rare situation for this many to show up at one estate sale.
    Just thought I'd let you folks know. Kirby Lyons auctions can be found on auction zip.

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    M38 or FranKenJeep?"

    The "M38" looks suspiciously like a FrankenJeep with an OD paint job - or a lot of rework done under the hood.

    The other little Jeeps look like the starting place for two or three projects, buy three - make one. "One money takes them all says the auctioneer". Early CJ's (can't tell exactly what) with a CJ3B thrown in for good measure and a CJ-5 (?)
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    Being a '79 M38, Frankenjeep sounds appropriate. I'd be more interested in the parts Heeps, but I sure don't need any more projects.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmwillys View Post
    but I sure don't need any more projects.
    Amen gm........

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