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    Jeep Salad to the forum..I have a JEEP sold as a 1955 CJ-5 Tub is a 1952 M38a-1...brakes are upgrade to 10" wheel cylinders are 13/16" original color was presidential red.Rims are 15x8
    steering is an upgrade to a Saginaw power steering unit with a tilt steeling column.Engine is a 151 cid.

    Steering was a mess (broken pot joint) that's been rebuild ,,Now for a new steering column,And I'm rebuilding the brakes one at a time ..

    When i get to it ill need some help on the fuel gauge wiring to the sending unit..(I cant find anything yet on the net)


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    That's going to be a fun ride. I like the set up. It should have pretty good manners.

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