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Thread: Metering Rod Cover

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    Metering Rod Cover

    I have a Carter WCD that came with a new J300 I bought but it was in a box in pieces. It appears to be complete all but this cover and I can't seem to find one anywhere. Does anyone have an idea of where I should look. Thanks in advance
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    You might want to try Mike's. The best bet might be eBay for a good core to steal parts from.

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    Carter WCD Carburetor Rebuild Kits and Parts

    WCD 2 Barrel When identifying your carburetor please note: Carter carburetors use a 3-4 digit number with an 's', 'sa', 'sd', etc to identify the carb (xxxS, xxxxS). This number can be found on the tag underneath one of the float bowl screws.

    This is general info, I don't know anything. But I have a J300! Welcome in

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