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Thread: L 148 Distributor Position

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    L 148 Distributor Position

    I just pick up an early 1950 Willys Jeepster with the L 148 six cylinder engine. I have one already and I was comparing the two. The new one does not run as yet. It is full of oil and coolant and the engine turns over, but I have not yet checked compression, spark or fuel. I noticed that the distributor rotor is pointing to a different position (two clockwise off) from the one that runs and from that shown in the manuals when number 1 cylinder is at full compression position and the timing pointer and the markings on the harmonic balance appear to be correct for when number 1 cylinder is in the full compression position. The plug wires are set for the different position and in the correct order, if they are right. I believe the distributor notch can line up only one way with the oil pump, so am I correct in thinking the oil pump was install a couple of gears off? Is this even possible? Thanks.

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    You are correct I would say dg. Someone dropped the distributor in a few teeth off and simply moved the wires to compensate. It isn't a problem, unless you want the the #1 wire to match the original position. The firing order starts with number one, As long as the wires follow the correct sequence, and the rotor is pointed to the #1 wire when its time to fire, you are good to go. It can be difficult to get the oil pimp lined up right where you want #1 to be. A lot of mechanics give up and shift the wires accordingly.

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