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Thread: 61 CJ5 Resto Restart Info

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    I agree with TJones. $4,000 sounds like a lot, but in the long run it is worth every penny.

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    All in here! That's a fair price for disassembly and reassembly. For your records and sanity in the future, ask him for the complete machining and build sheets (lists of everything that was done to re machine it and a list of the assembly checks). He shouldn't mind, it will add greatly to the value, to someone who understands the information. This is done on racing engines as a prerequisite. We know you are not building a racing engine, but to have that information is the proof of a good job.

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    "The only bad thing (for me) is the expense, which will run me about $4K."

    As a comparison, an F-134 rebuild in NE Indiana six years ago was $3,100, but that did not include balancing - just putting it together. There was no added charge for leaving out the head bolt under the carburetor.

    It's not chump change, but he is a rebuilder who specializes in older engines and it does not appear to be an unreasonable amount.

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    Thanks for the feedback, guys. I didn't really think the price was unreasonable for what was being asked, but it still makes you swallow hard.

    Thanks also for the suggestion to get the machining and build sheets, bmorgil. I'll do that.

    TJones, he didn't say how long it would take him, but I would expect a few months. I told him that I probably wouldn't have the engine out until December and he said that worked for him since he currently has 4 engines that he's working on and his schedule was starting to open up in December. I told him I really wasn't in a big hurry for it since I have a ton of other things to do to the vehicle and he said I was the type of customer he liked! HA! I'm sure he'll be done with it before I have a true need for it.

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    You just need to be diligent about checking in on it.
    I took mine to my guy and I told him the same thing and he put it on the back burner for almost a year
    But he finally got to it, got it done and put it on the Dyno and if you read my thread we had to start all over due to a bad rebuilt long block I bought from a company in Michigan.
    You shouldn’t have any problems like I had but sometimes those engine builders get side tracked, they are like engineers or lawyers, they are a Breed of their own
    Good ones stand out like sore thumb, and from the sounds of the one you picked he’s right there with the best of them!!!!
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    TJ, yeah, you're right. I will stay on top of him, checking in with him periodically. These engine guys sound like the taxidermists that I have used. They lose sight of all the projects they have going and let things slide and before you know it, two years have gone by! HA!

    I'm going to ask him to take pictures and send them to me. Not sure if that will work since he told me he is just now trying to get used to using his new cell phone...But, as we've discussed, I'm really interested to see how the engine looks before he starts working on it. We'll see if he can do that for me.

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