"I generally start shopping the internet after learning something isn’t available locally."

A typical example: I needed some pieces and parts from my local Fastenal. They were not in stock locally, so I asked what would be the lead time to get them. The local store said "a week to ten days, depending on when we have enough to justify an order to our regional warehouse". I decided "… Thanks, but no thanks".

I went to Fastenal on the internet and found the parts I needed. They were in stock at the site I found, so I ordered them from that particular location (Indianapolis). I ordered them about noon on a Tuesday and they were on the doorstep Thursday afternoon – a lot quicker that a week or ten days. The shipping was about what I would have spent on 2 gallons of gas to wander all over town and back.

I would have loved to buy locally, but when it isn’t there, ya’ gotta’ do what ya’ gotta’ do.