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Thread: 61 CJ5 Resto Restart Info

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    61 CJ5 Resto Restart Info

    I'm new here and starting a project to restore my Dad's old 1961 Willys CJ5 that has been parked since 1988. I'd like to ask all here to provide the steps you would take to get the engine started again so that I can get it on a trailer and transport it to my garage to start the real work. I haven't tried to turn the crankshaft just yet, but my Dad did try to put oil in the cylinders periodically over the years. I guess we'll see if that helped any. Everything seems to be intact and as we left it. I removed the front wheels/tires and the wheel cylinders look like they have leaked. The brake pedal doesn't go down very far and just hits a hard stop when I step on it. The clutch feels about like I remember it. Neither of those concern me much since I can work on those later. I just want to get the engine going so I can get it on a trailer. I've thought about flushing the gas tank, gas pump, and lines to remove the old gas. Any other suggestions of things to do before I try to start it would be appreciated.

    Here are a few pics of it.
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