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Thread: 61 CJ5 Resto Restart Info

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    I bought my CJ2 at an estate auction. The auction service was kind enough to set the Jeep on my trailer with a forklift. When I got home I lined the trailer up with a tree leaving 30 feet or more for the Jeep to slow down. Then I gave the Jeep a push. I had it spaced just about right. A light tap to the tree had it stopped. I let myself get rushed that day. If I had parked the other direction I wouldn’t have needed to use the tree as a stop because there is nothing out there to hit. The tree kept me out of the fence.
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    Proper planning wins the day. At my Rust Ranch, it isn't a problem to unload from the trailer, but rather to bring a project down out of the back half of the yard. It is all down hill since I'm butted up against a mountain. The last M38 I had positioned in storage had no brakes and the drive line was missing several key components. Just get it to start rolling, hop in, and buzz through the gate at the driveway. Use the front yard to turn back up hill to slow to a gentle stop before you get to the road ditch and county highway. No sweat!

    Our apologies Paul, we sometimes lose track to whom we are chatting with, since many jump in to add their opinions or experiences. Thank you for keeping us honest!

    As for priming the fuel pump, I wouldn't bother with it. The geometry of the fuel system lines are such that there is very little lift required to draw the fuel through the pump. As soon as you put fuel in the tank, she's pretty much primed already. Then it is just the lift up to the carb, and if you fill the carb through the vent, and the bowl is full of fuel, it will not take but two tries at the very most to be up and running off the pump.
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    Quote Originally Posted by test1328 View Post
    Perfect! Thanks!

    And I'm not Jeff - My name is Paul.
    Whoops got you mixed up with 51 CJ3! As you see I get mixed up fairly easy!

    OK Paul, as soon as you get the pump on let us know how it goes.

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    No issues on my end with my name, guys! I know how easy it is to mix things up on these threads. Just figured I'd correct things and introduce myself as well!

    Definitely, I'll let you know how it goes. If I can keep it running, I'll try to take a short video to post here.

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    Not sure what happened here. I would have sworn that I updated everyone on my progress between 8/26 and now (9/21). But it looks like whatever was here was lost.

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    Just to reiterate, I was able to get the Jeep running and moving after replacing the fuel pump. Now it starts right up and stays running, which is amazing in itself!

    This past weekend I was able to drive it up the ramp to the Uhaul trailer and was able to transport it the two hours to my home. It was an adventure, that's for certain.

    First, the CJ5 was almost too narrow for the tires to fit the ramps on the Uhaul car transport. I had about 1 inch of the tire tread on each side that didn't contact the ramp, so it was a little sporty getting the Jeep up the ramp. I had it in low range, so I was able to get it up there no problem. The brakes weren't a problem for me since I was going slow enough and there is a stop on the trailer to prevent you from going off the end.

    Second, on the way home, my tow vehicle blew something and I developed a coolant leak that made the vehicle overheat right at the top of the pass. They had a water container at the top but that helped little since it was leaking out about as fast as I could poor it in! So...I had my wife drive my F250 up and proceeded to disconnect the trailer and then reconnect it to my truck. Finally got the Jeep home at about 10AM.

    After that all went smooth and I was able to drive the Jeep into my shop. Major accomplishment!!!

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    I've asked myself what my goals are for this Jeep. I've concluded that I don't really want or need to do a full restoration. I just want to get it to a point that it runs like it should, has the power that it should, and has full capabilities, such as an operational PTO winch, full 4WD operation, etc. Making it look decent is also something that I'd like to do as well. I need to figure out where to start and what to work on first?? Obviously, the brakes need to be worked on, so that is a given. And, the body needs some TLC. And, the engine probably needs to be worked on, also. I plan on checking the compression sometime very soon. As I remember, that is why my Dad parked it in the first place, was because one of the cylinders wasn't holding compression and therefore needed a valve job. I'm not an engine guy, so I'm not certain if doing just a valve job is a good idea or if the whole engine needs to be overhauled and cleaned up. Any recommendations on how to proceed with the engine? Also, since I'm not an engine guy, is this type of work something you think I could do on my own or would I be better off finding someone who can do the work on the engine for me.

    I'm sure that a lot of you have done a similar project, so it would be quite helpful if you could offer your advice on how to proceed, i.e. what to work on first, if there is any reasoning or lessons learned on what not to start on, what order to work on things, etc. I would appreciate your input.

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    test, I would dig into the Universal Service Manual and see if the process looks like more than you want to do. You will need some specialized tools, depending on how deep you go. If the engine/Cylinder Head needs a rebuild, you may want to ask the machine shop doing the machining what they want to assemble it.

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    bmorgil, thanks! I'll do that. I suspect I'll need to have someone do that for me, but you never know. I want to make sure it is right, so me doing it might not be the best idea! HA!

    I'll have to do a search to see if there is anyone local that specializes in Jeep engine rebuilds.

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    A. Everyone lost stuff from 28 August until about yesterday.

    B. I'll have to do a search to see if there is anyone local that specializes in Jeep engine rebuilds.

    The good news is that Jeep F-134 engines are so simple just about every engine rebuilder can do one. As a rough estimate, a complete internal rebuild from oil pan to cylinder head should run about $3K. Not chump change, but if you go that way you know it is solid from the ground up and barring something weird happening, it is done forever.

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