Hey guys,

So, after speaking with a friend, it occurred to me that I should get my new engine mounts welded in prior to priming and painting my frame (I am totally new to all of this). I have a '55 CJ5 that I am planning to drop a Chevy 4.3L V6 into. I have researched engine mounts, and Novak seems to be a quality option. I would welcome any opinions on that! I am curious if anyone on here has done this swap and what other modifications to the frame might need to be done to make that engine fit. Does the battery platform need to be moved or eliminated? How much variation is there in the mounts depending on the year the engine was made, if any? It appears that the mounts are adjustable, but you can't move something once you weld it in! I have the link to the mounts I am looking at below.

Any advice or discussion would be appreciated, and I apologize if these are stupid questions!