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Thread: New guy here. What do I have ?

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    Thanks for the reply and information all. So, based on everything that I have read, it looks like what I have is a CJ2A (1945-1949) frame and an F-134 Engine from a CJ3B and the year is unknown. The frame motor mounts not being staggered rules out the frame being a CJ3A, or CJ3B. I have also been told that the crossmember is from a CJ2A, though, I'm not sure of the difference. Any idea if it is a late, or early CJ3B engine? Just trying to get the close on the year. I do understand that the engine would require a high hood to clear. Regarding the engine numbers, I agree that the block was probably milled and the numbers were re-stamped. Is it safe to assume that all (or most) F-134 parts are all the same, regardless of year? Thanks for the information on all of the bodies. I still think that I am going to fabricate something though. BTW, I think that the PTO and winch are pretty cool too, I just don't know much about them. Comments appreciated!
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    "...Is it safe to assume that all (or most) F-134 parts are all the same, ..."

    The major internals are pretty much the same, but as the engine was used for a long time (1950 - 1971) you will find more and more pollution control and other tweaks to the motor as it got older.

    What you won't know unless you get 'way down inside are the over/under size dimensions resulting from overhauls.

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