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Thread: New guy on the block

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    New guy on the block

    Hello glad to be a new member to the forum. I have a 1955 Willys truck with a 226 super hurricane motor that is on its last leg. Looking for another one thats in good running condition or a newer motor that will interchange. I've heard a v6 buick will bolt up but not sure if thats true but if it is what year do i need to look for or if it wont, what motor do i look for that will bolt up?
    I also have a 1945 cj but no title. Any suggestions on how/where to get that.
    Thanks for any help anyone can offer!

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    Oh man I think a V6 pickup would be perfect. We will need TJones to pipe in here. Check out his ride. With a Buick V6 a little CJ gets real peppy. In a truck it would be great. There are a few places making adapters. Novac and Advanced adapter are two of the best.


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    Welcome eammons!

    Bmorgil is on top of the Buick adapters, and Tjones will be by soon to give you the ins and outs of the Buick swap.

    The title for your '45 VEC, (Very Early Civilian) CJ2A will depend on the state you reside in, for each state handles the process differently. In my current state, a notarized bill of sale will do to get you registered, but no title will be issued. In some places, the Jeep will need to be checked by the local Police/Sheriff department for the serial number to come back clear, then you can proceed to the DMV. There are outfits on line that can help you gain a title or at least get you registered, but they will charge you a small fortune in nickels and dimes.

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    Welcome eammons!!
    My project began 4 years ago as a barn find M38, when I got to my shop I found out it had already been switched to a Buick 225 "odd-fire" V6.
    That being said I have attached a article from Novak ( who are the go to people on engine swaps and adapters).
    I originally just wanted to do a ground up restore and then it took a turn for the worse , I decided if I am going to do it I'm going to do it right.
    So I decided to switch out the 225CI Odd-Fire for a 252CI Even-Fire and the only reason I really did that was Buick came out in 80-84 with a bigger CI motor to try and come close to the Buick 350 V8's.
    If I was you wanting to switch I would seriously consider a Buick 231 CI Even-Fire only because the Odd-Fire ran OKAY at best but they didn't sound very good #1 and they are temperamental to tune just right to get the vibration of the Odd firing system out of them. They put a heavier flywheel in them to try and compensate for the un-even firing but they never fixed that problem, they still made around 160 HP but the torque was close to 250 lbs (Impressive to say the least).
    That's when Buick came out with the 231 Even-Fire.
    Jeep switched the transmissions to either T14 or a T86 to adapt to the V6, they never used the T90's.
    That being said if you have a T90 which I am sure you do, you would need to buy an adapter to bolt up to the V6. The T90 will work well for you, that's what's in mine now and it does fine.
    I am not real sure why Jeep switched to the T14 and the T86 with the V6, maybe they were stronger with all that HP increase I am really not sure but your switch is pretty simple.
    So, read through the Novak article and it will tell you which years to look for, and they are plentiful out there trust me. Mine was sort of a bas&$#d pick only because they only made the 252 for 4 years before they switched and I really wanted the 4 bbl manifold from the factory because I was putting a Holley Sniper EFI system on mine.
    To answer the main question " will it bolt right up" NO it won't!!
    It will take a little fabricating to get the motor mounts in place and the clutch assembly to work right but if your the least bit mechanically inclined you can do it, it will be a heck of a truck when completed.
    Keep us informed on your progress. your decisions, or any questions you may have.
    And Novak has ALL the adapters you will need from motor mounts, clutches and tranny adapters and their staff is Very Helpful and Knowledgeable on what you will need to make the swap.
    I hope I didnt scare you off, it will be Rewarding when your finished.

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    Thanks a bunch for all the info and advice. Sounds like i"ve got some work ahead of me, but I just retired and have the time. Time to get started!!

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    Looking forward to your build!

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