I lucked out with this purchase as a design engineer with a large automaker undertook this project, hitting all the important mechanical points, upgrading where it made sense and a return.
The only caveats are the T90 will need at a minimum 2nd/3rd synchro replaced as it pops out of second at times, leaks even though the PO before my seller is said to have rebuilt.
I was relieved and jealous to see how inexpensive/easy a rebuild is vs my other classic toys. So I will be rebuilding the T90 fully.

It has been completely body off, frame and body sanded, primed, painted
-Completely replaced floor
-All brake and brake lines completely new
-All new or rebuilt steering ( still a tad bit of slop, considering the TightSteer Sector Shaft Tensioner)
-completely stripped and rebuilt front axle
-Brand new wiring harness and lights
-factory seats rebuilt/salvage attempt (first time trying a sewing machine)
-new repro wheels
-completely overhauled engine
-transmission and transfer case overhauled by PO. (seller before mine)

-fold and tumble rear seat added
-BFG KM3 7.5r16
-1998 Cherokee swinging pedal assembly, brake booster and master cylinder -huge braking improvement
-1998 Cherokee clutch master and slave cylinder modified to work inline with the original clutch linkages.
-rocker guards and rear corners guards. Added protection and dent/rust hole corrections.
-Tom Woods front and rear prop shafts

The bad:
-Dana 18 transfer case leaks slightly. No matter what my seller did, it always leaks a little.
Weepy and jumps out of 2nd T90 (full rebuild and Saturn OD upcoming)