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Thread: Blackout light plugs into front of grill

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    Blackout light plugs into front of grill

    A piece of the bracket for the blackout light is still on the fender but nothing else. This particular Jeep has a plug in the top right part of the grille and the blackout light plugs in there. Would anyone know what kind of plug that is?
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    Just an FYI followup....hate posts with no ending. I thought I had a broken piece of the bracket for a black out light on the fender. Turns out, that is the full bracket for a european black out light. I was able to find one and mounted it. It came with the correct plug and when plugging it into the socket on the front of the grill, voila! Works like a charm. I will get a picture of the light mounted and post here.

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    That's a great find Jags! Posts never end, they just go to sleep every now and then!

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