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Thread: Need a motor

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    Need a motor

    New to the forum, so forgive me if this is a dead horse being beat, but I need a "new" L-134 for my CJ-3. Is there a go-to place to find one?

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    You have a few options.

    1 look through sources like for any adds for a rebuild able core.
    2 look high and low for a Willys powered air compressor or Hobart welder. Often they were powered by a L134.
    3 Order the reproduction block that Kaiser Willys offers. I am the first to tell you that I hate nearly all foreign made reproduction parts. The block was designed and financed by an American investor, but he couldn't find a domestic foundry to pour the iron for a reasonable price. He has improved on the weaknesses of the originals by adding improved alloys to the iron for greatly improved strength. In my opinion, I would not think twice in ordering the reproduction block. You still have to build it from the ground up, but in the long run you will be farther ahead.

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