Let me preface for those not familiar with my Introduction. All systems were rebuilt/replaced by the seller minus the T90 and rear end, an auto engineer with a major manufacturer, I trust his skills, he was forthright with all the quirks or systems he did repair, he provided a photo library of the 5 year build. He advised the previous owner told him he rebuilt the T90, he inspected early in the 5 year build process, saw no issue. He inspected the rear end, check lash etc, no issue.

With that said, a few small issues to address:

1. Usual pops out of 2nd gear on decel. Reading threads, watched Stivers YouTube videos, a few culprits. Current thought is, since a Saturn OD is planned, may has well rebuild the box to be certain to remove any unknowns

2. Heat soak on new Daytona Universal carb. I saw a thread where a gent made a spacer to alleviate. Idle is good, noticing a flat/dip going into 2nd, no tach yet, unsure of RPM. Seems to get more noticeable as engine heats up in this hot humid weather as of late. I know this carb has some additional jet settings vs stock.
Side note: is the Weber worthwhile for an improvement in overall drive-ability? Also considering looking into the Sniper 1100. This is my daily ride, the previous/owner built it to be daily/reliable thus not all stock in some errors such as Pertronix electronic ignition, alternator etc.

3. Fuel gauge is off. New gauge, new tank, new sender, new wiring harness etc. I talked with seller, he said he spent some time setting up the sender but says he never let it get below a 1/4 before filling. I ran out of fuel the other day at 1/4. Filled, it reads past FULL, I assume time to break out the multi-meter and test the sender, adjust as needed per thread https://willysjeepforum.kaiserwillys...ght=fuel+gauge? Also noticed the speedo is off, I do have BFG KM3 7.5r16. GPS said 46 at 40, but speedo does bounce a little. New cable, perhaps gear is worn/slack?