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    New guy here in Minnesota, in the Twin Cities area - SW Burb. Just picked up this 48 Willys. Looking to make it a dependable machine to cruise around locally and to the Grocery store and such. Also use it up at the Deer shack during hunting season. Previous owner was a VET and purchased in 2012 and used in parades and short rides with grandkids. He passed in 2016. The kids have not used it much, but do start it an run it at least once a year. Supposedly last time it ran was thanksgiving 2020.

    Played a little with it since I got it home, Put new battery in and it turned over. Put some gas down carb and she fired but was missing and backfiring. Really don't want to go to far without some basic stuff like getting rid of old gas, changing fluids and such.

    Next day, I looked at it in more detail and found loose plug wires at the distributer. I pulled the distributer cap and all looked good and clean. I reseated all the plug wires at the distributer (may replace plug wires along with plugs). Put more gas down the carb, and it started and seemed to be hitting on all 4. Did not run long as fuel in carb did not last long.

    Next I disconnected fuel line and put it in empty gas can. Pulled plugs and turned the motor over, No fuel pumping. This is odd as the seller said the fuel pump was bad and gave me a box with a fuel pump in it. When I in the box, the pump had the glass top and was all greasy. The seal which mates to the glass seemed to be shot, so I assumed her brother had replaced the fuel pump with the new one. The one that is on the jeep does not have the glass bowl and has a solid metal top. I was wondering if it needed to be primed or something.

    I disconnected the fuel line inlet and ran it from an auxillary tank and also primed the pump by pouring some gas down the inlet line. With the outlet in an empty container, I once again spun the engine over. No fuel pumping.

    I am wondering if it is possible for a person to install the fuel pump and not get the arm in the right place?

    Anyway, Not goofing around with the unknown. I bought a new pump (single action with glass bowl) from Kaiser. I will put that on in a couple days and see where I am at. While the carb probably does need a clean, I have a pretty good feeling it will run if I can get the fuel pump issue resolved.

    Not really understanding why fuel is not pumping when supposedly a new fuel pump was installed a little over a year ago.

    242027544_10216034911305155_822349438346891975_n - Jeep arrived home.jpg

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    A. You have a good looking CJ 2 there.

    B. "so I ***u me d " ... Hmmm, as we have all found out with our Jeep adventures, assuming has led us down interesting paths.

    C. Your start-up went unusually uneventfully. I'd get fresh fluids everywhere; oil especially and then check out the differential, transmission and transfer case fluids. They can tell you a lot about the innards of those boxes.

    D. The one that is on the jeep does not have the glass bowl and has a solid metal top. I was wondering if it needed to be primed or something. No, the pump does not need to be primed - it pulls a strong suction from the tank and after just a few seconds of the engine running it should be pulling fuel down the line.

    E. You are the second (maybe third) case of bad fuel pump in the last month. They don't sit well at all - old gas eats up the little rubber diaphragms and check valves in there. The single action pump will get you going so you can check out everything else.

    F. Brakes - don't slack on brakes. Getting it running is nice, but getting it to stop is critical. As that phone commercial said; "If the brakes don't stop it, something else will." Not a good solution.

    G. And, do not be surprised as you start to drive it that you get drips and drops from transfer case, transmission and differential seals or even the rear main seal. That is a trademark of old Jeeps. They mark their territory.

    It looks nice - you got a winner there.

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    Thatís a Beauty jnj,
    Youíve come to the right place for getting problems solved, between LarrBeard, gmwillys and bmorgil they will get you up and running around town and up at the deer shack in no time.
    Keep us updated on your progress and keep the pictures coming.
    The other 2 wizards will jump in shortly with some more Wisdom!!

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    That's a looker jnj! LarrBeard is on the money on the fuel pump. If it set with ethanol in it at all (modern Fuel) it probably ate up the valves in the pump. Maybe clean the points just to be sure sitting hasn't corroded them a bit. It sounds like it is running well. Plug wires go bad with age and spark plugs get worn over hours of running. It never hurts to freshen them up. Definitely start out with fresh lube in everything. Water is the enemy of sitting. Condensations is the concern.

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    That's a beautiful rig! Enjoy the forums

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    That's a cool jeep

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