hello everyone

i'm back online, i guess when the site went down all my data was lost as well. i had to re register to be able to log back in. so reloading my info. i'm not going to re tell my story those who read may remember. try to upload more pics here soon. however, since i was last on here i was approached about buying another cj5, 55 i think. its another project vehicle, sitting in field for awhile. i think the jeep fever is winning i may take this on. lol. this project may be more involved than the last so probably be bugging people more on the forum. still in talk phase but I've considered asking a young man who is taking automotive classes at the career center. this may be an opportunity for him to take parts in for a class project and give him some experience and a taste if this is the field he wants to enter, and i get to play with another jeep. this one may not be totally stock, they started to upgrade some mods but got pushed aside. so if this young man joins in would do a 50/50 and give him say in some choices, with in reason of course. see what happens and heads up i may be asking questions.

so i was just introducing myself again since data loss and let anyone know if cant log in will need to register again.