Mark here. Tried posting this in "Tech Questions" area but it logs me out each time. I reported it to an admin. I've been having issues logging in for a week now.

I purchased a Chinese "Solex style" carburetor on Amazon that wanted to work, but I could never adjust it properly. I've since sold it on eBay for $22!
So I bought a rebuilt kit for my Carter YF. It was working but apparently, has been leaking below the entire time, just a nice "drippy" flow. Probably explains my horrible gas mileage. I took it apart and checked the float level and float itself. All looks good. The needle valve passage seems clear of debris. I don't really know what else to do but take the entire thing apart and re-rebuild it since I may have just missed something. I have a few Carter carburetors so I'd like to rebuild another.
My question is... what's a decent rebuilt kit brand that doesn't cost a fortune? It seems there's the usual OMIX crap out there, but a few other brands such as Walker.
I've come to the realization that, during all my jeep fixing process's, I should have kept some of the "old junk" and/or written down the brands of stuff have turned out to be crap, so I know what NOT to get.

Off topic note: If anyone can find my thread on the sending unit (SENDING out and SOS), let me know! I was told by a site admin that it may have been lost when there were some recent issues with the forum. If it's gone, I'll start it again once I take the damn thing out again to check the resistance, which I should have written down. Well I did, but tossed the paper. See? I did it again.