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Thread: Shock absorbers for lifted cj3b

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    Shock absorbers for lifted cj3b

    Hi! My Ď64 Cj3b needs new shocks and the existing are too rusty to get numbers off. Also, it has springs that lift the Jeep a bit more than stock. Do I need special shocks due to the springs? Any recommendations for new shocks? (Most concerned for a softer ride if thatís possible)

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    I don’t know if it was right but I didn’t change shocks on my CJ5 when I had the springs re-arched to give me an extra inch.

    I didn’t know the term “softer ride” could be used in reference to an early CJ
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    It looks like the springs you have are at least a 2 inch lift. A stock size shock will have enough travel to function effectively. The ride quality is mainly controlled through the leaf springs. There are soft rider springs out there, and have had favorable reviews for improving the overall ride. I have a set of Monroe-matic shocks on my Heep, and they do alright on the crappy Abalama roads. With the short wheelbase of a Jeep, there isn't too much that would improve the ride.

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