If I am doing something wrong please explain as this keeps happening to me.

I start a post in subform general discussion. while actively writing my post, I get a timeout message that says I need to log in again. WHen I do, my work is all gone. When I try to start the post over again in general discussion, ALl I get is the login message box. Seems like I cant login.

I close browser and start over and login. It acknowledges that I have successfully logged in. I go to subform general discussion and try to start post, but get login box again.

If I go to any other subform, like this one, I can start a post.

a) TImeout is way to short
b) system can not detect user is activily adding to a post to reset the timeout counter..

Please clear the system so I can once again post. ALso, you might want to inform the software people on the form that they have a bug where it does not dectect an active user who is adding to an open post window.