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Thread: Winter storage dilema - cooling system

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    Very good pictures - you make having an opinion easy.

    First - I don't think there are any residual pools of water in the block that haven't been reached with your flush and fill technique. But, even if there are - over time the 50/50 mix will still ooze its way into those residual pools and once it does, the protection is still going to be pretty good.

    Just to be extra double sure, in a week go back, do one more flush and check the protection point. It will probably be around -30.

    This has been a bit of a pain, but now when it gets really cold some night, you won't lay awake and wonder "Is that engine going to freeze up tonight??"

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    You can be most certain that you were able to drain 99 percent of all the old coolant out. When you put in your 50/50 mix, you will be good to go. I'm not a fan of the pre-mixed coolant that is on the shelf, but nowadays that's all you can find. When I lived in the far north, I would mix the coolant to a 60/40 to get the higher antifreeze mixture to prevent icing at -50 degrees on anything I stored outside. Just extra piece of mind

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    Quote jnj: Do you think I am OK, or is there something I am missing here? Is there more than one coolant path through the block such that one could empty and the other be full with fluid which could explain why I could blow air through the system. If this is the case, would adding new fluid to the system mix with the fluid in there, or do I still have an area of the block that has fluid only to -10F and the only way to purge the system would be via the block petcock hole?

    When you pulled the lower hose you only drained the block to the level of the lower hose. So when you blow air through it is clear. The drain on the right side of the block below the distributor and under the generator, is there to drain the rest of the block lower crankcase. The lower crankcase is still full when it is drained to the lower hose level. You have "gravity bled" the system in your method. Depending on how much force you were able to generate, I think it would have flushed the lower case out or at least mixed in.

    Remember that if you reach the freezing point of ant-freeze and water it turns to a slush. It doesn't really become solid enough to break something until you are well below the "freezing point". You have put so much effort into this, can you detect what is keeping it from draining at the lower right block plug? Clearing that blockage to drain, would definitely end your worries.
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