I am starting a 42 MB rebuild. I pulled apart the axles, showing there age and total neglect. There are bushings in the front axle, kinda looks like they are two kinds and I think there for Bendix knuckles. See attached pictures. Do I get these pushed out, I cannot move them? Replace with one bushing if using Spicer knuckles? Sorry, hard to see, but there appears to be the outer brass bushing and another bushing further in. The other weird thing, a Rzeppa knuckle on the drivers side, that is the beat up bushing picture and a Spicer style knuckle on the passenger side. Do I replace the Rzeppa with a Spicer? I heard Rzeppa's are tuff on axles setup with Locking Hubs, too much play, which this axle has, Old School double lever Dualmatics, which I want to keep.

Appreciate any feedback.


OK, that's enough for my first ever post.