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Thread: Wiper Restoration/Defrost.

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    When I restored the '48, I paid a bunch of money to get the old wiper motor rebuilt because I wanted to keep everythng original. Since then I've gotten caught in several rainstorms and even with the vacuum boost on the fuel pump, vacuum wipers tend to quit when you need them most. Being able to see is important - right up there with being able to stop! Electric wipers are a possibility as the next safety upgrade, to go with the LED lghts.

    I would seriously think about going to the electric motor. I think GMWillys may have electric wipers on one of his vehicles - but I've not heard anyone telling bad stories about issues with electric morors.

    Two of the hig $$ commercially restored wagons at JeepFest 2019 had electric motors, so someone thinks it is a good idea.

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    Stop driving that beauty in the rain!!!! Ha fat chance, I know you love to drive that baby. I would too. Now on mine the windshield wipers work well, its the roof that leaks.

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    The kit listed below is a well refined version of what my wagon has. The motor on mine is shimmed with washers and the aluminum plate was once a road sign. In my instance, it worked well in the rain and snow. The pulleys and cable never gave me any issues with no slipping. The wipers stayed in time, and parked where they were intended. Also below is a link to the piece parts if you choose to go the route of putting in a single motor set up.

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