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Thread: 1st Time Jeep Owner

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    I think you posted that frame graft gm!

    Having a complete drive train that is original is a major part of the game 56'. Those pieces will always be "gold". If your going to play with classic Jeeps, you cant have too many spare parts!

    The only real advantage the Model 27 offers is the availability of gear ratios. The 25 only has 1 ratio. The 27 had several available. This is only an advantage in Jeep CJ's from mid 1950 on, when the Model 44 became standard in the rear. The Model 41 axle that was in the Willys had only one ratio also. Therefor if you don't have a 44 rear the 27 really offers no advantage. From a pure strength stand point, the 25 is actually stronger, no matter what you read. It has a larger diameter ring gear and more bolts attaching the ring gear. The ring gear is thinner. Some might mistake that for less strength. It makes no difference however. Ring gears vary in thickness based on the ratio due to Pinion to Ring center lines. A 3.08 ratio gear is much thinner than a 3.73 ratio because the pinion diameter gets smaller in the 3.73 ratio. The strength however is the same.
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    I wish I did get photos of the front frame graph on the Heep. It would have been good content, but that was long before I knew that there was a forum to share on. The first two photos are the before with the scabbed together frame horns.
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