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Thread: What's old is new again

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    What's old is new again

    In the midst of the last two years of craziness, it was nice to have a little distraction and some well deserved gratification. Roughly 18 months ago I decided to restore my families 1963 Willys CJ3b Jeep my dad bought used in 1965 when I was 5 years old. It was our farm vehicle for chores, dove hunting and ice cream fetching. Lots of good memories of my dad behind the wheel. It also served not only as me and my siblings first vehicle but all the grandkids learned how to drive in it too. Yes, they're millennial's and yes it's a manual. It was the best first vehicle for them especially. It's been in my possession since my dad passed over 10 yrs ago and I take the responsibility of ownership and care seriously. It just enjoyed a body-off repaint (colors inspired by 60's era Unimogs), new wiring, new plumbing, body lift and best of all ..a bigger engine. It's current duties continue to be trailhead support (carrying mtnbikes), trailwork transport and grocery getting. It's almost a shame I don't eat ice cream any more.


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    Welcome Goose!

    Out of all the backstories that get posted, by far my favorites are the ones where the Jeep has been family owned and passed down. You have done a great job in keeping your families 3B for the future generations to enjoy, and having the ability to learn that vehicles once had more than two pedals. Please feel free to post more pictures of your adventures and restorations!

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    Welcome Goose!!

    Great looking Jeep Goose and even a Better story behind it........If only they could talk

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    I agree on the back story being the best part, perfect to have the family history behind it.

    What engine did you put in it? Lift that hood and show us some more pictures. That is one clean looking Jeep!

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    Welcome aboard!

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    That thing is sweet lookin'.

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