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    Funny stuff

    Found a cj3a sitting 2 decades- itís so awesome! New brakes tank f-pump ect.. but my fuel pump doesnít fill up all way- acts like it starves out then turn it off leave it set and it filled up about a third on the carb side- canít figure this- my buddy said it needs an 1/8 shim- for the position on the lobe- can yíall help?

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    The glass bowl does not fill up. It is an expansion chamber for lack of a better description. It is there so as the fuel warms, it has a place to expand. When running it is usually about 1/2 full. when you shut it down it will raise and lower depending on the fuel temperature. The shim is used if the fuel pressure is too high. If you have an original 2A carb and float on it, it probably doesn't need a shim. If it floods the carb, a shim will reduce the pressure and help that situation. It sounds like the carb might need a rebuild. And, welcome aboard!

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