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Thread: Hello from WV- new Cj3 owner

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    Hello from WV- new Cj3 owner

    Wow guys- I have had Cherokees old ones, and wranglers… but this Willy’s is incredible! Love being a part of this here family! So I found her in a barn in Wv and this old boy who sold her to me just about cried when I trailered her off- said he took his drivers test in er! I felt bad- but promised to get the old girl running and bring back for rides and photos- he had other buyers but didn’t want to sell it to someone who would just flip it- you gotta love these little tanks- I had no idea how built they were till I was crawling around under it and saw those skid plates- true inspiration for iron man. Anyways then I saw the Willy’s rubicon trail utube video. These things are beast!!! Words can’t explain! So I am having little issues carb stuff cause it needs rebuilt after 2 decades I’m sure- someone on the thread pointed that out- duh! Anyway looking forward to getting to know some folks and seeing some awesome Willy’s y’all own. Thankful to be part of this group!! I got the fever. Matt

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    Welcome Matt
    You are correct they are Beasts!!!!
    We’re glad to have you on here, don’t be afraid to ask questions about anything.
    Between gmwillys, bmorgil and Senior Chief Larrbeard they will have a solution to every problem and a answer for every question you may have about these critters. These guys know them inside and out.
    Post some pictures of your girl so we can all see what your tinkering with!!

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    Welcome Muddwheelx4,

    We are glad to have you here with us! As TJ stated, please post some photos of your purchase, we dig pictures!

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    Always good to welcome another CJ3 owner! Lets see some pic's Mw.

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    Welcome and congrats on your CJ3! Enjoy

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