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Thread: WTB Truck front axle

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    WTB Truck front axle

    Hey everyone. In the middle of tearing down my '47 truck. The Dana front axle had a "trail fix" to the passenger side lower kingpin bearing race mount due to a failed driveshaft ~60 years ago. The truck hasn't been used much at all since this repair.

    Its functional, but I'd like to replace the housing if possible.

    Does anyone have a truck front axle they'd be willing to part with? I really only need the housing, but would take a whole assembly.

    Let me know.



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    We'll keep an eye out for one for you. Every once in a while they come up for sale or trade.

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    '48 Barn Recovery (I knew it was there, not a find)

    Wow, a '47 truck!

    Most trucks that old were run to death and got turned into Chevy Vegas (a heck of a fate). The "Bubba" repair was probably the thing that saved it; too good to throw away but not quite good enough to drive around.

    My truck is a '48 2WD - there are not many pre-'50 trucks around. Post us some pictures - I would like to see the small differences between the '47 and he '48 trucks.
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