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Thread: Oil issues

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    Oil issues

    Hi all!

    Any ideas for me on these two issues?
    1) What's causing the milky substance buildup in the dipstick? Is there a way to fix it, or should we ignore it?
    2) What's causing the oil on the passenger side floor and how to remedy it?

    Video 1 -
    Video 2 -


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    I canít watch the video at the moment but milky is usually water in the oil. If itís foamy then it could just be over serviced.

    Oil on the floor could be a leak in the oil pressure line or oil pressure gauge.
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    I think Jeff has you covered! Those would be my thoughts also.

    Take a picture of the milky oil. Water in the oil will destroy the engine bearings and the destruction that follows can ruin the crankshaft and the rods. If it is water it could be condensation from sitting or, it could be a crack or blown head gasket. If its water you definitely need to change out the oil and be sure it doesn't come back.

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    A. I'd suspect water in the oil, most commonly caused (and most easily repaired) by a blown head gasket.

    B. A oil line leak is also a strong possibility - unless someone spilled oil there . Check up around the back of the oil gauge around the capillary tube and see if you get an oily finger.

    Later Entry: I watched the short video as well as the long one. You never show us the bottom of the dipstick, so we bnever see what things look like at the crankcase, but the drained oil gives us a hint. In the short video there was no water separation, which is good. In the crankcase, if the engine has run, contaminated oil will emulsify and take on a creamy appearance.

    The oil in the Tupperware pan looks like normal moderately dirty oil. I agree that I don't see any sign of water in it.

    The goop at the top of the dipstick is a result of moisture in the incoming air mixing with the oil vapors at the top of the fill tube. Nasty, but normal.

    Keep an eye on things, especially oil condition at the bottom of the dipstick.
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