I just wanted to get some feed back on what kind of kill switches people put in their vintage Jeeps. Portland auto theft is out of hand, and though most thefts seem to be oriented toward catalytic converters or parting out popular vehicles, I'm really worried now that my CJ3B is finally facing the road, that I could run into the Home Depot and find it AWOL when I got out. These Jeeps are essentially birds' nests on the ground, so easy to hot wire that a clever 8 year old could probably manage it.

I googled the topic and ended up in a newer 4x4 forum that was pointing to devices for Wranglers, etc., that disable fuel pumps, or has a multiple pinned electronic device, etc., most of which I'm not sure would work for older vehicles. I want to know what you all might be using. I like the idea of disabling the fuel delivery but that seems complicated short of putting a ball valve in line. The consensus from the newer Jeep people is that systems that kill the vehicle shortly after take off are the best because it gives the would be thief less time to figure out the bypass, i.e. it dies just as they're leaving the parking lot or getting part way down the street and they panic and flee the scene.