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Thread: Shifting CJ2a

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    Shifting CJ2a

    Does anyone have the proper procedure in shifting a 2A in and out of 4WD and Hi/Lo? Can you shift on the fly or do you have to stop. I'm having a complete rebuild on the transmission and transfer case, so I want to start of fresh with it.

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    I always stopped to move either lever. I wouldn’t think it would be possible to do High and low on the fly because of the speed difference of the gears. In and out of 4wd might be doable if the front hubs are original or locked because everything should be turning about the same speed unless you have already lost traction.
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    Jeff is on the money. You want it stopped when shifting the transfer case. It is not uncommon to have to "clutch it" in neutral to get the gears to mesh once and a while.

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