I registered the 48 CJ today, took it out maybe ten miles....The last time I drove a old jeep was my dads 48 CJ2A around 1971. I was about 19, quite the experience today at 70 yrs old.....She runs drives stops but needs a full restoration which she will get soon
I installed a new Solex carb and she runs and idle's nice but often stall's when I come to a light or when im in second gear and backing off throttle, like coming to a stop sign....
Ive also noticed the fuel pump bowl has no gas in it, I see the gas in the bottom right below the gas and it moving but I thought the bowl should be full or close to it
The pump looks fairly new.......Any ideas
BTW the temp gauge was reading close to 200 and then would drop to 180 when we were moving.....The motor is 60 over and I have no clue as to the condition of the radiator
or the thermostat. Will have to dig into this as I think thats getting a little to warm...Thanks. for help