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Thread: Is Regular Ethonol Gas Ever Acceptable?

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    Is Regular Ethonol Gas Ever Acceptable?

    Ok, So the wife and I were discussing, My 55 Wagon is my every day driver and with gas prices getting out of control we came to the following question:
    What would make you comfortable using regular Octane E10 gas in your classic jeep/willys?

    I know that all my gas lines are preformed steel lines. Somewhere on my todo list (albeit low on the list) is a carburetor rebuild, and I have seen some rebuild kits advertised as Ethanol Compatible. The engine rebuild that was done back in 2014 means I don't need lead additive, and presumably the only reason I use the 91 octane is because it is the only thing I can get without ethanol.

    So what do you guys think? Is there anything that you could/would do to your jeep to use just regular gas?


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    Should not hurt anything on a daily driver. Modern fuel lines and carburetor parts should take it okay. I think 100% gas is critical for anything that sits at all. Alcohol draws moisture into the system and promotes corrosion so you donít want it just sitting there.
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    I would run some ethanol stabilizer in with the E-10 just for assurance. Even on a daily driver, fuel sits in the fuel bowl, and over time it will coat the aluminum bowl walls with a chalky corrosion residue.

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    VT see if this discussion helps your decision.


    The most important thing to remember abut Ethanol is that it will destroy the older rubber materials used in classic vehicles. A lot of the carb rebuild kits, fuel senders and pumps for sale are New Old Stock. Some of the components are not compatible with Ethanol. The fuel lines were definitely not compatible until about the late 80's, and then not all vehicles. Now a days everything can take Ethanol.
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