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Thread: Military history buff

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    Military history buff

    I'm a former Navy officer that collects WWII militaria firearms and vehicles. I've had a 1942 Jeep GPW for a few years that's been sitting in the back of the barn until I got the time to start a restoration. It looks great with no rust but all the mechanicals needed rebuilding. Here's what I've done: new leaf springs, replaced broken rear axle, Diff rebuild front and back with new bearings, transfer case reseal, steering linkage replacement, transmission repair for 3rd gear. It's nearly ready for some neighborhood drives.

    I recently came across the frame and engine numbers and would love anyone's thoughts on when, where, what....
    Frame: GPW 3550 (any guesses on proper hood number?)
    Engine: MB 125725
    Body: No serial number but it does have the ford impression on the rear

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    Welcome Robertsmau!

    Your GPW sounds like it went through a Depot level overhaul. A Jeep would come to one of the facilities around the country/world to where they were torn down to the frame, and the parts inspected and refurbished. That's all great and grand, but much like any of your M1 Garand, the parts are pulled off a shelf when reconstruction starts. Ford parts and Willys parts are intermingled, and the assembler grabs whatever parts are handy. There was no effort given to keeping parts separated by vehicle, to ensure that the same parts went back in the vehicle it came from.

    Please post some photos of your project and a few of your collection.

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    Robert the g503 forum has a lot of good info on Military Jeeps. Definitely post some photo's!

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