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    New Jeep Owner

    Hi all!
    I recently acquired a 1952 CJ3a. I've been working on getting it road worthy, so I can drive it while I finish repairing(not restoring) a 1977 AMC Pacer wagon. It's been a fun adventure so far.
    I have done some searching for Jeep clubs in the Central Texas area with no luck. If any other jeep owners are from the Texas area, it would be great to meet other jeep owners.
    I have a ways to go to getting it road worthy. Mostly brakes, electrical and a few mechanical issues. I got the motor started the other day, and seems healthy enough. The transmission and transfer case both had water in them. I've been soaking them in ATF and brake fluid for a couple weeks. My fingers are crossed.
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    Ummmm Kemo Sabe. Water in transmission and transfer case not good news.

    Seriously, you will probably find issues with both on them if there has been water standing in them very long.

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    Welcome Tchara! Water in the trans and trans-case is a concern that's for sure. How long do you think the water was in there?

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