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Thread: TACTIC Mirrors that look vintage... ish.

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    TACTIC Mirrors that look vintage... ish.

    I've been trying to keep my '54 3B as original as can, but driving it around and I just can't stand the size of the original mirror. My eyesight isn't the best either, so I was hunting around for something that looks original but slightly bigger. I found these from TACTIC for $30 a pair. They're about an inch bigger in diameter than originals and not as dark as the mirror head I had by Kingbee. It takes a lot of scrutiny to notice they're not original size.
    I haven't done it yet, but I intend to put a vintage style mirror arm on the passenger side too, but I think these would also mount to the windshield frame for people not as keen to original details. Thought I'd share.

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    Nemo I bet you will be the only one who knows thats not the original mirror. I have the original. I get a better idea of whats behind me by the reflection on the back of the windshield.

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    I wanted to keep the '48 as original as feasible. It originally only had the mirror in the center of the windshield.

    In 1948, most roads were only two-lane and you were only concerned with what was behind you. It only took a few trips around town in multi-lane traffic for me to realize that I needed driver side and passenger side mirrors if I wasn't going to get myself and an innocent bystander in trouble.

    Mirrors were often dealer installed options, so there is a wide variety of mirror sizes - I'd not worry about it. Safety is a first priority, that's why I finally upgraded to LED headlights with 6-volt LED bulbs all around ... see and be seen. There is a strong possibility I will go to electric wipers as well - in a strong rainstorm the old vacuum wipers just don't work all that well.

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    I agree with the Senior Chief. Nobody would ever scoff at you running a slightly larger mirror, at least around here. You'll never see a true Concourse restoration of a Jeep. They were designed to be customized with day two mods at the dealer from the start, and there is not a factory record or line setting record of to what a Jeep was born with/without. The mirror on my 2A Heep actually came off of a COE Ford truck. It was the right vintage, but isn't at all Jeep. Use what suits you best.

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