Hi all,

I couldn't find this in any threads, so I figured I would ask. I broke off the little metal tube in the steering gear box when I was taking the steering worm gear out during my initial teardown (I was an idiot and didn't look closely at what I was doing). I looked online and I can't find a replacement part for that anywhere (suggestions?). It's a Ross box out of a 1955 CJ5. I got the tube straightened out and tried to use JB Weld to stick it back on (I don't have a welder and a friend said to give it a try). I couldn't get it to stick on there straight and seal, and I figured I would rather have no horn and a sealed (non-leaky) box. Has anyone else run into this? I had thoughts of trying to get a new piece of metal tube welded in there or using some other type of tubing, but I'm not sure what would work or by a viable option and wouldn't wear out and create problems for me later. My other plan was to find a short bolt that would thread in there and screw it in with thread lock and not worry about it. Thoughts?

Any advice would be appreciated!