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Thread: engine and components paint color

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    engine and components paint color

    I have searched the forum and other places and while I find some topics, I do not find any thing that confirms what the engine and compontents paint color are. I would like to know what it is for a 48 Willys.

    Thus far, It appears that there were two main colors, black and orange. Somewhere I read the orange ones were remanufactured engines by Willys, but not sure. The engine in my jeep is orange.

    My oil canister, airfilter and filter plumbing is black and my Oil filler cover is yellow. I have seen others that have orange oil canister.

    Can anyone confirm if there was an actual color scheme to the original engines?

    By chance, does anyone know of a picture of an original jeep engine bay showing the colors?

    I did find some info on youtube for a NOS MB engine that showed everything was painted a sort of glossy green as described by the guy in the video. Everything was painted for the most part after the engine was assembled so bolt heads, hoses, .... are all green.

    I will continue looking on my own, but thought it might be quicker just to ask.

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    Color Palette

    The general pattern seems to be that engines are a black (some gloss, some matte) of some shade.

    Oil filters tend to be orange, as does the top of the dip-stick.

    I strongly suggest that you do a ceramic coat on the exhaust manifold - the cast iron rusts after it gets wet a couple of times

    BUT - it's your Jeep (just stay away from the bubble gum colors...)

    Then there were the bubble gum/ice cream Jeeps - so never say never
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