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Thread: Willys? Engine Number starting with the letter "U" 20353 After that

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    There is so much we "think" we know about these old vehicles ... I had never seen an internal hood latch .. and who would have thunk of a windshield washer option in '49 or '50? Now that raises another question - how was the washer powered ... electric pump or some other contrivance??

    And, several people didn't realize that the little button at the rear of the door panels, just below the corner - is the door lock. The button is missing in many cases and all anyone sees is just an empty slot...

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    The part number I have for the windshield washer is 94032. It is titled Windshield Washer, Automatic. There is a tube coming from the inside of the dash through the firewall and a square metal container attached to the passenger's side inside fender, but I have not yet looked under the dash to see how all this is connected. I assume the square metal container (housing) held a container for the windshield washer fluid. Thanks.

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