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Thread: Alternator adjustment bracket

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    Alternator adjustment bracket


    I just installed the conversion kit from 6V to 12V on my CJ2A. Anyone have direction on where to get an alternator adjustment bracket that fits correctly?

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    This is the factory bracket for the generator, cut off, flipped over and drilled to fasten to the oil filter bracket There is a small piece of angle iron bolted under the lower front bolt of the oil filter. On mine the ear was cut off the canister by the previous owner when he welded it to the inner fender! You do not need to cut that, you share the bolt. The lower mount is custom welded, not the adjustable part available in the aftermarket, so I am not sure exactly where your alternator ended up comparatively. This should work if your alternator is in roughly the same spot, and you have this style oil filter bracket. The angle iron allows you to position it exactly when you drill it. It fastens on the oil filter bracket with 2 bolts If you use the nut on the oil filter bracket, be sure to reinforce the nut with a backup nut. The spot weld on the nut that is on the oil filter bracket will not hold.
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