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Thread: Need to find pistons, help!

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    Exclamation Need to find pistons, help!

    Iím rebuilding a 6-161L engine for a 1949 cj3a and I canít find pistons anywhere. No luck. . 3.125" is stock bore and we need 0.060" over piston. I would need 6 of them! Please help, 38 days away from parade date. Thanks, Adam

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    You have a few options. I would first call Silv-o-Lite. They made the pistons originally long ago. They are the only current manufacturer of Willys / Continental L134 pistons. They are now owned by UEM.

    If you cant find them, Ross Racing Pistons will make anything you want. They can make you a forged version, which will be much better than the cast originals. I have used Ross custom made pistons in a few different applications (Auto and Small engine) where no piston or, the piston type I wanted wasn't available. I find them very reasonable for custom pistons. Do you have an old piston to send them?
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