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Thread: J300 done!

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    J300 done!

    Friends, She ran over a bird feeder, clipped a carport support piller, coughed a sputter, and, yep, Cindy drove 100+ miles at speed all the way to her new town, perfectly fitting in her new parking spot! She is home at last. Three or four years, dont remember and dont mind, $25,000.00 all in, well spent, everything gone over and modernized where needed, disc brakes, A/C, e-lectro ignition, and extra engine and transmission to boot. Now as far as that extra Tornado 230 6cyl, the plan is to hot rod it, put it in a vintage sand rail frame, clap some jeep looking side piedes on there, and trip throuh the desert, but that will be a different build and different forum. Folks, this truck is one badaxe 2dr long bed bench seat Jeep Pickup Truck. Thank you to forum leaders without whom this would still be a project. The Kaiser Willys Jeep J300 called Cindy is done. Thank you for reading.

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    Congratulations for your success !

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    Great to hear AZ! She did spend some time away from home. Money well spent AZ, you cant buy a better thrill!

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