New here because for my son’s senior project at his high school he decided to try to fix up a flat fender. We found a 1960 DJ3A for $2500 and picked it up last weekend and jumped right in. Condition is decent- floors in front are rusted through but the rest of the body is mostly surface rust as well as the frame. Engine had good compression and ran in spring but has since had carb removed to be rebuilt but was never completed so its in a box.

Plan is to clean it up, paint the frame after repairs, make it mechanically sound and paint it desert tan. Prob a slightly larger set of tires but nothing too crazy and we are not doing a historically accurate restoration but rather more of resto mod if that term applies here.

Odd thing is that its been converted to 4x4 and I cannot find a S/N on top of the frame so I don’t know if someone just added the T case or if it was body swapped to a CJ3A rolling chassis?






Edit to add: was looking to make a great start here and my pics are tiny….. need a lesson in uploading them normal size…