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Thread: Ham's '48 -- Getting Ritzy

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    Ham's '48 -- Getting Ritzy

    My wife says to me; "Dear, here is an event we need to go to".

    Being the wise man I am, I said; "Yes Dear - what is it?"

    "It's a Jeep Gathering at the local Winery - their post says they did it last year and it was such a good time, they are going to do it again".

    "Uhhh , OK I guess." Too late, I'm already signed up.

    So, I spiffed up the '48 and Sunday afternoon, we will head up towards Auburn, IN (Home of the Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Museum) where the truck will sit with a batch of Yuppie Jeeps and we will listen to music, nibble on horses doo-vers and sample the local wares. (TJones, they do have Yuengling Black and Tan .. so it's all good).

    BUT - I needed a bit different sign for this event. Everyone asks; "Is that a Jeep" and "What year is it" -- so I made me a new windshield sign. Who says Old Trucks can't have class?
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