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Thread: Had to have a Jeep

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    Had to have a Jeep

    I'm Jeff, thanks for letting me into the group.
    I just had to have a flat fender Jeep. I found one several years back in Houghton Michigan. Some young guys had it thinking it was like a new side by side. It ran good, moved and stopped. New tires and a Best Top. That's where the good ended. After working on it for about a year and many new parts supplied by Kaiser-Willys, I was satisfied enough to hit the road. The body and floors are rough but good enough to take the bride for a trip around the countryside.
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    Welcome Jeff, its in great shape! Those look like the original Warn hub locks on there. lets see more pictures of it.

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    Welcome jweisbro!

    The Jeep doesn't look too bad at all. We look forward to seeing more of your ride.

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