Hi, In 2012 a friend contacted me. Her father in law just past away. While her and her son were preparing the house and garage for sale. They came across a scooter. Knowing that I restore antique motorcycles she wanted to know if I wanted the scooter. I said yes and volunteered to help with the clean out. I have trailers and extra hands. The father in law was a HVAC guy. It took a few trailers loads to clean the garage to even reach the scooter. Next to the scooter is a jeep. Not knowing anything about jeeps (not my thing). I made her and offer anyway just to be one less thing she has to deal with. I restored the scooter a 1948 Cushman step through Model 54. Now for the jeep, sat in my garage waiting for TLC. Did my diligence on researching before attempting a restoration. Mostly parts availability. Now for what I found so far. Nomenclature on dash: Model MB-ORD, delivery date June 22,1945, serial number 449863. Serial number on frame matches. Titled in NJ 1948, last NJ inspection sticker is 1963. Pulled engine, sitting so long, never know what may be stuck. Disassembled and found three exhaust valves stuck. I believe this motor is a 1948 and has low mileage. Do not know when father in law bought jeep. Odometer reads 86157, some of that is from 1945 to 1948 than 1948 to 1963 on a new motor. No ring ridge, pistons came right out. Telescoped cylinders no oval and measured 3.125. Journals, rods and mains were within specs. and no scoring. Bearings also marked (std). As you may know they phased out the chain driven cam in about 1946. This motor is a gear driven cam. On the head there is a raised cast numbers (W4) (6-48) (5-15) 800ST6. Block casting number:641087-L-W11A NI-CR-N. The block has no serial number. I have a though for this, there may be other explanations. During inspection on base, the government determine the 1945 motor needed to be replaced before release to surplus. They installed a created motor without serial number issued. Just an added note the Generator armature laminations are stamped GEG-2134F and 7 45. The carburetor is a Carter WO. This article is written as a point of interest. Please keeps comments respectful, I'm a flight risk.