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Thread: 62 Willys Truck - Steering Shaft/Column

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    62 Willys Truck - Steering Shaft/Column

    First post, so if I'm posting in the wrong place please let me know.

    I'm wanting to do something nice for my father in law for Christmas and am looking for some help tracking down dimensions for the steering column and shaft on a 62 Willys Truck. What I'm planning is to add power steering by using an EPS (electric power steering or assisted steering) out of a Prius (sorry purists). I recently did this to my 62 F100, and he really seemed to like it, and looking at his Willys truck it should be a little easier than on the Ford. In short, I'm just splicing the EPS into the existing column.

    That said, I don't want to ruin the surprise by pulling his column apart to get all the dimensions so I was hoping somebody could help out. I'd like to mock some of the pieces up and cut to final length once we disassemble, so I'm really just looking for the steering shaft diameter, and the steering column outside and inside diameter. Overall length would also be helpful but not necessary.

    In doing some research I see that a lot of these trucks came with a Ross TL-12 steering gear. I know that his has a U-joint just inside the engine bay near the firewall which doesn't seem to be consistent with the diagrams I've seen of the Ross setup where they looked to just be a solid shaft from the gear all the way to the steering wheel. Imagine this could have varied over the years. If it makes any difference his truck is 6-226. I did ask and he said he has a Ross steering gear, but couldn't tell what the number was.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Welcome! Your post is in a fine spot. It does look like the trucks used the same steering from 46' through 64'. LarrBeard might be able to clear things up. He has a very nice 48'. There are a few truck owners on the site.

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    Welcome jhelliot 62,

    Bmorgil is correct on the Ross box being original throughout the production run. The steering column went directly into the steering box with no universals, just a straight shaft. On my '63 wagon, it was converted to a Saginaw power steering box mounted to the front frame horn. The steering column I have is an early Wagoneer tilt column, ('65 by the looks of the steering wheel) that terminates just on the outside of the firewall, with a universal. From there it is a Rube Goldberg set up of a pillow block bearing holding a steering shaft that traverses through the front cross member to the steering box. In my opinion, I would look into an aftermarket column that can be custom ordered to fit your needs, and accommodate the electric steering assist.
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