I have a 65 CJ5 with the 134 motor… the Jeep was a pretty big mess when I got it so I’ve been working to get it started. I’ve torn out all of the wiring because it was a rats nest splices, butt connectors, wire nuts and bare wires and I didn’t trust what was there.

Until I’m ready to put in the new wiring harness I just wired up the starter, ignition system and alternator so I could try getting the engine started. I purchased a new key switch (4 post… bat, acc, ign, start) from the auto parts store and wired it in.

Now for what has me “befuddled…” When I went to start it, I turned the key the first notch to the “on” position the engine started cranking over. I quickly turned it off and checked my wiring that everything was going where it was supposed to be going, it all was. I tried it again with the same result, this time going all the way to the start position to see what would happen, and when I turned it to there it stopped cranking.

I have reviewed the service manual wiring diagrams and have even consulted the Google the great oracle. Everything I see leads me to believe I have it wired correctly. I then tried switching the “on” and the “start” wires to see if that changed anything… it didn’t.

I’m thinking the problem is either with the ignition switch itself being defective, or possibly a problem in the starter solenoid. My question is… has anyone else ever experienced anything like this that they could possibly share some thoughts or insight with me. I’ve never heard of a solenoid causing that issue, but I guess it could be possible if there was something that came loose or somehow got inside the circuitry (during its decades of sitting untouched in a pasture) completing the circuit. I think I’m leaning toward it being a problem with the starter switch itself. It was a cheap switch switch from Auto Zone and it may have just been assembled poorly.

Anyway… any insight would be appreciated, thanks